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Track and report detailed financial transactions across your entire enterprise


View Inventory values and quantities across multiple warehouses in real time


Complete Order fulfillment from Quote to Shipping.  Track essential Customer Service processes from start to finish


Control the procurement process from Order to Receiving and Invoice reconciliation


Manage manufacturing costs and milestones as you monitor workflow and productivity


Seamless integration with key Customers and Vendors to automate essential business transactions

 Business Intel

Write, view and distribute reports, spreadsheets and enterprise information


Sales, Warehouse and Production mobility with hand held bar code devices

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TEKOA Enterprise 
TEKOA Commerce Suite for Sage 100 

Straight from the leader in Sage 100 Integration, TEKOA introduces a seamlessly integrated Web Commerce Suite for Sage 100. B2B Web Portals, B2C eCommerce and Online Payment Gateways. 

Understanding The Advantages of Cloud ERP 

What is Cloud ERP?

The days of physical hardware are in short supply. The days of internet ba... 

Tekoa Software Careers 

TEKOA software Business and Career Opportunities. Whether you are looking for a career at an innovative and inspired software company or looking for ways to increase revenue and grow your practice, here is some information to get you started. 

MANITO PARK - Photo Gallery 

Photographs of Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 

Good Accounting Procedures for Accounts Payable 

Purchasing, Accounts Payable Philosophy. Establishing strong business practices is a must... 

Characteristics of the Right Employee 

Employees are the muscle of every company and technology as a tool is the backbone, the key is findi... 

Helpful Guidelines for Effective Accounts Payable 

Keeping track of accounts payable can sometimes be a large obstacle for a company. When looking at y... 

Sage 100 Sales Order and Invoice Integration 

Automatically transfer new Sales Orders from other sources and applications into Sage 100 Sales Order Entry. Insert new SO Invoices into Sage 100 from other applications. 

Tekoa Software Solution Search 

Search and Explore TEKOA Software solutions for your Enterprise. 

Sage 100 EDI Integration | TEKOA Integrator 

Easy and affordable. Connect Sage 100 with important Customers to automate the processing of sales. Increase the efficiency and accuracy of sales transactions with your most important customers. 

How To Improve Inventory Procurement Practices 

The <span style="font-weight: bold;">procurement process</span> can be found in a number of differen... 



Know When Your Business is Too Big for Quickbooks 

Is it time to grow?</h5><p>An Enterprise System is like a vast highway that allows information in a ... 



Tekoa Software Services 

TEKOA Software Development Services. Design, Build, Implement, Support 










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